26th Workuba, Habana 2016 (International Modern & Afro-Latin Dance Festival)

26th Workuba, Habana 2016  (International Modern & Afro-Latin Dance Festival)

– All the Levels!
Workuba (international modern & afro-latin dance workshop) A multi-day event where Cuban music enthusiasts gather to learn, party, perform, party, watch shows, party and party some more. Held every february in Theatre America of Havana, Workuba is a 3 day Afro-Latin music and dance festival featuring world-class dance Teachers. On its 13th year running, Workuba is recognized as one of the largest festivals of it’s kind on in the world. Welcome to Workuba, Havana!

Artistic Director & Founder: Ms. Marta Bercy (Modern & Afro-Cuban dance Master)

Classes all the Levels: Afro-Cuban Yoruba, Afro-Cuban Congo, Rumba Guaguancó, Rumba Columbia, Tango, Chachachá/Danzón, Argentine folklore, Kizomba, Rueda de Casino.

Dancers: Cuban Contemporary Dance, Horton Technique, Theatre for Dancers.

Tickets: 3 Day Full – $150. / One Day – $80. (Limited Capacity)
Registration at the Theater: Feb Tuesday 2 & Wednesday 3: 11:00a.m to 2pm / Thursday 4: 8:30 to 10:00am.
Location: America Theater, 253 Galiano Ave. Centro Habana, Havana, Cuba.

Activities multidisciplinary workshops and tours:
Music House of Centro Habana: The most authentic place to go in Havana to experience genuine dance and music.
Final Show: includes participants Saturday February 6 at 8:30pm.

Suggested Accommodation:
Hotel Deauville – Havana. Considered one of Havana “Grande-Dame” hotels and an icon of 50’s era glamour, the historic Deauville Havana sits overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Northern Atlantic.

Hotel Lincoln – This 3 star hotel is located in the city centre of Havana. A basic, but perfectly adequate hotel with high standards of cleanliness. The location is perfect, within easy walking distance of both the old town and the university area. Recommended for a short stay on a limited budget.

* Rental Apartments and Rooms Private Houses: www.hospedajehabana.com/ www.alojamientoenlahabana.com/

Tel: (+ 54 9 11) 4504- 4115 (Buenos Aires) /// (+53 7) 698-6761 (Havana)
E-mail: martabercy@gmail.com – workuba@gmail.com

Event Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/385990028277988/

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