Bailamos XIII: The Golden Ticket by SMU Caderas Latinas

Bailamos XIII: The Golden Ticket by SMU Caderas Latinas

Bailamos is an annual production showcasing the works of local tertiary Salsa groups. Bailamos XIII: The Golden Ticket celebrates the developments in Singapore’s arts and entertainment scene, retelling the history through street Latin dance. Featuring a performance exclusively choreographed by Omambo Dance Project, renowned salsa pro team from Los Angeles! Also look out for a gorgeous bachata item performed by JJSalsaRengue’s Ronnie & Ee Lian!

This year in Bailamos XIII, join “Christopher Lee”, “Fann Wong” and “Uncle Lim” as they embark on a journey into the golden age of local amusement parks! Rediscover the era where Salsa cabarets, old-school Mando-pop singers and taxi girls who Cha-cha, Bachata and Pachanga once reigned. Relive the exuberance of such performances that were the rage at forgotten worlds like New World, Great World and Gay World.

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Bailamos XIII is showing on 17 Sep, at 3pm and 8pm. A Bailamos XIII ticket is priced at $25, inclusive of free entry to Social Libre. Social Libre (social!) will take place on 8 Sep after Salsa Fiesta, from 9pm onwards. A Bailamos XIII 3-in-1 package costs $28, which entitles you to Salsa Fiesta (6 and 8 Sep) on top of Bailamos XIII and Social Libre. This edition of Salsa Fiesta, Social Libre and Bailamos XIII are part of SMU Arts Festival. For more details, visit or

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