Dance Unlimited

Dance Unlimited

Suman & Rachel, Singapore

Suman and Rachel are one of Singapore’s most accomplished and well-loved Salsa couples who have represented Singapore in competitions and Salsa congresses throughout Asia.
As established choreographers, Suman and Rachel have worked with Mediacorp, Singapore’s national TV station, to produce TV commercials and provide artistic direction for celebrities in dance-related photo shoots. The Dance Floor, Singapore’s adaptation of the United States’ successful dance reality TV show, So You Think You Can Dance; showcased their dance choreography in action in its TV trailer featuring a dance-off consisting of six different dance genres. Suman and Rachel, as well as their team of dancers, have been featured on Arts Central’s dance documentary, Destination Dance, which has been broadcast in Singapore and parts of Asia.
Suman and Rachel have competed separately and together at various Salsa competitions at home and abroad; and have been crowned champions in their category. With these accomplishments under their belt, they have been recognized for their experience and invited to judge at Salsa competitions within the region.
Apart from competing, Suman and Rachel also travel widely to teach workshops and perform their memorable salsa routines. They have taught workshops at Salsa festivals in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, India and Thailand. Specializing in lead-and-follow as well as turn techniques, their instruction is detailed and precise, with a keen focus on breaking down techniques that can be used by anyone to improve their social dancing.
Suman and Rachel are active promoters of Salsa within Asia, contributing their time and assets to support young festivals and encourage the growth of Salsa in emerging communities.


Dance Unlimited came about because of our common love for Latin street dance and the passion for life. We are made of up individuals with an appetite for life and who simply just wanna make dancing fun for all. Our instructors are well-established in the local and regional Salsa dance scene, having competed, performed and taught throughout Asia and garnered accolades for their contribution. So don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.

There isn’t a dull moment when learning with Dance Unlimited. Take the plunge, join us for a class and don’t forget to bring along your sense of humour

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