The brainchild of Jared Koh and Harry Lim, two notable dancers whose names are not unknown locally and internationally, Evoka is the newest addition to Singapore’s vibrant Salsa scene. Evoka’s philosophy is Music, Movement, Emotion: understanding music, interpreting it through movement, and conveying emotion.

Known for their musicality and vivacious personalities, Harry and Jared are committed to equip students in their classes with the technical know-hows to dancing, coupled with a high dosage of Vitamin E (Enjoyment).

The understanding of body movement and aesthetics coupled with influences from other dances such as African, Afro-Cuban, Ballet, Modern form the fundamentals of Latin dancing with Evoka; A fusion that combines rhythm with style and sophistication.

So Move with Evoka to the rhythm of our Music and convey your Emotions with finesse.

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