Fix your SOCIAL DANCING Clinic Workshops @ En Motion Dance School

Fix your SOCIAL DANCING Clinic Workshops @ En Motion Dance School

Our Clinic workshops are back!
Feeling upset and lost over the following problems during social dancing?

– Do I have some fanciful styling or dips to do other than all the boring turn variations?
– Why I can’t do a travel turn or spin properly?
– Male: Why do I always fail in leading some moves?
– Female: Why am I always stumbling while following a dance?
– What’s the difference between Salsa & Bachata lead?
– I need more sexy moves and styling with my hands, body and legs!
– What are the possible moves of a smooth Zouk dance?

Not to fret over it, our team of DANCE DOCTORS will come and fix your problems with our
Clinic Workshop series!

Taught by our team of Internationally renowned and Championship winning instructors, be sure to get the best tips from some of the best dancers in Asia!


The clinic workshop is a very exclusive class which will be kept small in size with maximum 16 students.

Each workshop will be addressing in detail the common problems faced by students.

The last 20 min will be an open Q & A session whereby instructors will address all of your individual problems thus you will know what you can work on after these classes.

2nd May, Saturday
1.00pm – 2.30pm Social Dance Dips & Tricks
2.30pm – 4.00pm Spins & Turns
4.15pm – 5.45pm Lead & Follow – Bachata
6.00pm – 7.30pm Lead & Follow – Salsa
8.00pm – 9.30pm Lady Styling
8.00pm – 9.30pm (Studio B) Anything is possible in ZOUK

Social Dance Dips & Tricks
(Applicable for Salsa or Bachata) Not knowing how to end a song? Or knowing there’s a fun music break in many songs, yet you have no idea what to do during those interesting music breaks? Some simple Dips & Tricks that’s applicable for both Bachata & Salsa will be shared here. Get ready to walk out of the classrooms filled with fanciful trick moves to wow your peers

Spins & Turns
Having problems understanding why you cannot turn or spin? We will go through our famous En Motion spinning techniques and exercises to solve your spinning problems.

Lead & Follow – Bachata
Having problems understanding the softness and body motion lead and followings? This class will address all the control and movements require to make Bachata looks sexy and sensual

Lead & Follow – Salsa
Feeling awkward in some leading and feeling twisted for some followings? This class will explain the mechanism of your frame required in dancing Salsa and teach you to understand and know how to use your frame more effectively

Lady Styling
(Applicable for Salsa or Bachata) Out of options when a guy throws you for Shines? Or feeling bored and stagnant while doing partnerwork and not knowing what to do with your body, hands and legs? This is the class to release your sexy Lady power!

Anything is possible in ZOUK
This class will be addressing the various possibilities of getting in and out of different Zouk positions and creating moves with different possibilities. Indeed, anything will be possible in Zouk after you attend this workshop

$28 for 1 workshop / $25 per workshop for signing up for 4 workshops & above

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