Fuego Salsa @ Union Square

Fuego Salsa @ Union Square

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Registration $5 First 100

Registration email:- salsasg123567@gmail.com

Cover Charge @ Door $16 member $22 non member inclusive of 2 drinks 




Dr. Roland, aka DJ Dr. Salsa, is a French national born in Benin (West Africa), a country renowned for its powerful music and ritual dances. He grew up with the sounds of the drums and percussions which are the roots modern Salsa rhythms.
Roland learned the dance steps of his tribe as part of the ethnic “initiation” in the Nago/Yoruba tribe. With a true passion for dance, over the years, he developed a unique style blending different dance forms.
As a Salsa DJ he has a powerful and percussive signature inspired by the drum beats. Roland has a preference for salsa songs with meaningful stories and melodies that the dancers can relate to while dancing.
“Dr. Salsa” is reputed for his deep knowledge of Salsa history and his seminars on “History of Salsa Music and Dance”. He is engaged in salsa research and wrote leading papers such as “the Asian Salsa Revolution”, “The Globalization of Salsa”, “Tom Yum Salsa”, “To tap or not to tap”, “The anatomy of Salsa music”, “The Power of the Drum”, to name a few (article available for download on Salsa Concept Group/Facebook).
Roland has managed to combine his professional activities as Lawyer and University lecturer around Asia with teaching and promoting Afro culture and Salsa dance in Asia.
He became an influential leader of the Salsa scene in Asia.
Roland founded “Salsa Concept” and “Salsa Concept Academy”. He is the pioneer of Sunday Salsa events in Bangkok since 2002 (Noriega’s – Tamarind Cafe – Elefin Cafe and Spanish On Four).
Roland is a member of the International Dance Council (CID-UNESCO) and initiator of the new “Salsa Recognition by UNESCO” Project.
As Co-founder and President of the Asia-Afric Foundationwww.asiafricafoundtion.org he is committed in promoting cooperation, unity and friendship by using salsa as a medium.
Roland was official DJ for major Salsa events such as China Salsa festival, Hong Kong Salsa Festival, Taiwan Salsa festival, Kyoto Salsa festival, LA Salsa Congress etc.
He is a committed and faithful DJ for Salsa Bangkok Fiesta.
Roland, aka Dr. Salsa is truly a Salsa DJ with a cause.
Visit and join Salsa Concept Group

Dr. Salsa is the founder of “Salsa Concept” and owner of Salsa concept international trademark and website www.salsaconcept.com. He is the pioneer of Sunday Salsa events in Bangkok, which has become a way of life with visitors from around the world.
Last but not least, Dr. Roland is an active member of the International Dance Council (CID-UNESCO). He is committed in building culture communities and promoting dance expressions beyond boundaries.

DJ Gabriel

DJ Gabriel”A purveyor of rare and infectious Latin vinyl grooves for a unique party atmosphere.” Hailing from Sydney (and currently based in Dubai), DJ Gabriel specialises in collecting rare & obscure vinyls from the 60-70’s era. His passion and spirit of adventure takes him near and far to find rare sounds from any part of the world, wether it’s South American, African, French and West Indies. His sole purpose is to make you dance the night away on tunes seldom or hardly played yet with the classic Afro-Cuban influenced sounds. Once this topcat starts spinning these awesome “smokin” tunes, you are guaranteed to be captured! Come discover the latin tunes from across the world

There will be Special Performance by ladies Touch Singapore Family of Island Touch Dance Academy Directed by Katrina Abd and Angel’s Shore (Dancing With friends ).

A Touch Team is a local Bachata Dance Team that is part of the Island Touch (http://islandtouchdance.com/) family and is taught choreographies created by Ataca & La Alemana. These teams represents Island Touch locally and regionally at socials and congresses performing under the Island Touch brand.

Each Touch Team is run independently by qualified local directors who teach team members the choreographies. There are three seasons per year with 3 different choreographies. Each location learns the same choreography providing team members with maximized performance opportunities, as there will be team members who know the same choreography all over the world.

Touch Team directors are NOT necessarily Island Touch pro team dancers and or instructors, although they can be.

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