Highlights of SLE 2017

Singapore Latin Extravaganza (2017) held it’s very first dance festival pool party in Singapore. Dancing outdoors in the tropical climate, cool breeze and warm sunlight by the poolside, it was a picturesque dreamy moment to remember for the dancers who attended the event.

SLE saw the debut of Brenda Liew’s new choreography by BLDC (Brenda Liew Dance Company) Professional Team. BLDC is putting Singapore on the map in Asia with her cutting edge latin ladies shines franchise that has expanded to Taiwan.

Zachery Pang’s heartfelt post on facebook saw the unity of teachers coming from different dance studios to perform a Afro Cuban Shines choreography that marked a milestone in the community spirit of latin dance in Singapore.

In Zachery words, “Performing together are mere gestures to create a livelier local dance community. I think it is in ALL our interests to create an open, inclusive, captivating dance community to keep both the current and new generation of performers/social dancers captivated and engaged.”

SLE saw the return of the annual tradition of sensual guy on guy bachata dancing with ZeeRaj making head waves within the community. It is widely popular with #zeeraj on social media. It inspired countless of videos by other artists who seek to emulate in their legendary footsteps.


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Written by Averral Lim

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