About Salsa Dancing in Singapore

Salsa is a social dance originating from the Caribbean. It took Singapore by storm in the early 2000s. Following the latin wave, various dancers have gone overseas to seek for instruction to bring the love of latin dance to Singapore and start their own schools. As to date, there are over a thousand active dancers and socials every night in the tiny island of Singapore.

Types of Latin Social Dance in Singapore Salsa

– The fundamentals of latin social dance in Singapore. It is advisable to learn salsa before other latin dances for a strong foundation.

  Percentage Schools Socials
Salsa On1 Most beginners start learning Salsa On1 and progressively dance both Salsa On1 and On2. Various schools Various locations
Salsa On 2 Most intermediate and advanced dancers are dancing On2 in Singapore, and can lead On1 as well. Various schools Various locations
Salsa Cubana A small percentage of dancers can dance cuban salsa taught at The Studio. Salsa Cubana The Studio Friday Nights


  Percentage Schools Socials
Bachata Sensual (Modern) Most dancers in are dancing bachata sensual. Various schools   Various locations
Dominican Bachata (Traditional) Very few dancers are dancing dominican bachata. NIL NIL


  Percentage Schools Socials
Zouk There are speciality schools dedicated to the art of zouk dancing. Zouk Academy Various locations
Kizomba Taught by independent instructors at clubs, see social calendar for updates. Clubs Clubs

  Percentage of Latin Music Played at Socials (estimates)

  Percentage of Music Popularity
Latin Socials 80% Salsa/Bachata, 20% Kizomba/Zouk, Occasional Cha Cha   The most popular music combination for most socials in Singapore. Depending on crowd turn out (more salsa or bachata dancers).  
Salsa Socials 80% Salsa 20% Bachata, Cha Cha, Zouk/Kizomba   The percentage of salsa music to bachata music during salsa socials.
Bachata Socials 80% Bachata 20% Salsa, Cha Cha, Zouk/Kizomba The most crowds are drawn to this combination of music.

Dance Schools

Salsa Schools ACTFA ADS Danceflava Studios Dance Channel JJSalsaRengue En Motion The Studio Salsa Cubana Singapore
Bachata Schools ACTFA Dance Channel JJSalsaRengue En Motion YouYi Bachata Scientist
Zouk Schools Zouk Academy Cheryl Wu Dance Studio En Motion
Kizomba Clubs

University Groups

NTU Salsa En Sync SIM Salsa En Soul NUS Salsa SMU Caderas Latinas