The Bachata Scientist (You Yi)

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YouYi is The Bachata Scientist, the newest addition to the flourishing bachata scene in Singapore!

Youyi brings to the dance floor his special flair, blending elements from other genres (bachata, ballroom, zouk, tango, hip hop, contemporary) and distilling them into his unique “Bachata Blend” style. Bachata Blend emphasises adaptability, flow and partner connection, making each dance a creative union between the song, your partner and you!

Since beginning his bachata journey in 2011, YouYi has taught, performed and competed in international dance congresses. In addition, he was the director and choreographer of the longest running UK semi-pro performance team, Bachata Obsesión Dance Team.

Now back in Singapore, and as an international artist in his own right, YouYi is a freelance dance teacher organising courses, workshops, and dance events to add even more vibrancy to the dance community. Follow his Facebook page for all his projects!