Mosaic dance

Mosaic dance

Mosaic Dance prides itself on creating an ideal environment for learning social dancing, the dances offered at Mosaic Dance include Salsa, Tango, West Coast Swing, Bachata and Street Cha Cha. The instructors at Mosaic Dance are some of the best in the region and strongly believe in a commitment to continual progression, challenging themselves to constantly upgrade their teaching knowledge, resulting in a unique approach of offering 'Open' classes to students after having completed certain fundamental technique courses. These 'Open' classes offer different content every week, and students cultivate a strong desire to keep learning more and growing their passion and enthusiasm for the dance, supported by a strong community of like-minded individuals. Mosaic Dance offers many practice sessions and social nights for students to get to know each other, become a part of the Mosaic family, and hone their dance skills. At Mosaic Dance, we believe that everyone can dance, and that dancing can be a way of life. All you need to do is take that first step.

Mosaic Dance Teams:

Mosaic Dance Company (MDC) is made up of many different teams, with different goals, skill levels and commitment. Currently, MDC's flagship teams are the Salsa Pro Team and the Ladies' Shines Team. Both teams do performances and orthographies which are world-class, and are among the best Salsa Performance Teams in Asia. MDC also has a variety of teams for aspiring performers. We have a Salsa Junior Team, Salsa Ladies' Shines Training Team, Salsa Men's Shines Team, as well as a Bachata Ladies' Shines Team. We also run Student Choreography projects for newbies to get their feet wet and give them a taste of what it's like to be on stage! We have Teams and projects for students of all skill levels, all that is required is commitment and a good attitude.

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