Ricky & Dionne

Ricky & Dionne

Ricky and Dionne

A committed and passionate dancer, Ricky’s dance experience has spanned more than 17 years. He has built up a wide repertoire of dances including hip-hop, classical ballet, modern contemporary dance, jazz, latin ballroom, and salsa. In 2005, Ricky was part of a team representing Singapore at the 3rd Annual Korean Salsa Congress. Since then, he has focused on choreography and dance training. In
2010, he led Salsa En Todos to perform in the 5th Annual Singapore International Salsa Festival. His crowning achievement came in 2012, where he and his partner qualified as one of the Top 5 finalists in the inaugural Aceki World Salsa
Championships. He performed at the India Fiesta Latina 2012, Jeju Latin Festival 2012, 2012 & 2013 SISF and invited to be the guest artiste of the 1st Taipei Salsa Festival 2014.

 Dionne is a passionate and dedicated dancer whose dancing adventures started at the tender age of 8. She was subsequently introduced to salsa when she was 16, and was immediately captivated by the excitement and flair of the dance. Since then, she has actively developed her salsa style to reflect her experience in a wide range of genres like jazz, ballet and hip-hop; as such, her movements are elegant yet strong.Dionne recently performed a salsa hip-hop fusion number in the 2012 SISF, and competed in the semi-finals of the solo couple category of the inaugural Aceki World Salsa Championships held in Hong Kong. She most recently performed with Ricky at the 2013 SISF and the 1st Taipei Salsa Festival 2014.

In 2014, Ricky and Dionne were crowned the Asia Salsa Championship Semi-Professional Division Champions in India International Dance Congress and achieved 2nd place in the Asia Salsa Championships Professional Division held in Pune International Dance Congress.

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