Salsa Fiesta by SMU Caderas Latinas

Salsa Fiesta by SMU Caderas Latinas

Salsa Fiesta is back again! Get grooving to Salsa rhythms in this short workshop series happening on 6 Sep and 8 Sep.

The Basics workshop (6 Sep, 7.30pm) is for anyone keen to salsa, regardless of dance background. If you or your friends are interested in salsa but have no experience, this is a great starting point to grasp the basics! Ulric Sng will be leading this workshop.

The Fusion workshop (8 Sep, 7pm) is for those interested to expand their dance repertoire. Through choreography that incorporates edgy hip-hop elements into Salsa, you will experience the versatility and harmony of these different dance styles. If you want to level up your salsa shines, come for this session! Lorna Lim will be teaching her choreography.

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To attend the workshop, register for a Bailamos XIII 3-in-1 package, which includes Salsa Fiesta, Social Libre and Bailamos XIII at the price of only $28. Bailamos XIII is showing on 17 Sep, at 3pm and 8pm. Social Libre (social!) will take place on 8 Sep after the Fusion workshop, from 9pm onwards. A Bailamos XIII ticket is priced at $25, inclusive of free entry to Social Libre, without workshop. This edition of Salsa Fiesta, Social Libre and Bailamos XIII are part of SMU Arts Festival. For more details, visit or

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