Two Left Feet

Two Left Feet

The only street Latin dance school to be headed by two lady instructors, Two Left Feet was founded by Jean Goh and Wendy Yee in Dec 2003. It was borne out of a passion to share the dance knowledge and experience that Jean and Wendy have accumulated over the years, and a desire to raise the level of partner dancing in Singapore.

Two Left Feet offers classes on Salsa On 1 (slot style), Bachata, Brazilian Zouk and other street Latin dances. For busy individuals who have to miss lessons due to work or family commitments, Two Left Feet's "free refresher" policy is perfect for them, as it allows them to return for classes, as often as they like, for free.

Two Left Feet is well known among the dance community as the school to go to for building strong foundations in Latin street dances. Two Left Feet is also the pioneer school for Brazilian Zouk, and has been offering Zouk classes since 2008. In the interest of establishing Singapore as a world-class venue for Brazilian Zouk, Two Left Feet has been invested in bringing in renowned Zouk professionals like Renata Pecanha, Alex de Carvalho, Leonardo Neves, and more, to conduct workshops and perform, in their ZoukRush event.

Since 2006, Two Left Feet has been wowing audiences with their creative, musical, and synchronized performances. Each year, Two Left Feet offers aspiring individuals a chance to train with Jean and Wendy, and perform a dance routine for that year. Individuals who go through their 3-month training program are drilled in dance and performance technique. Two Left Feet's performances are often revolutionary, for example, 2006's ultra-synchronized and classy Salsa performance, 2007's funky and exciting disco Salsa routine, 2009's high energy and musical Salsa performance and 2011's ground-breaking hip-hop Zouk routine. 2014 was no exception, with their first-ever Salsa-Zouk-Samba fusion routine, performed by the novice student team.

Join us and experience the Two Left Feet difference! For more information on Two Left Feet, visit us at

Upcoming Events:

Tue 23 Sep, 7:30p - 10:10p - Two Left Feet Open House,

Wed 24 Sep, 9p - 12:45a - BRAZILIAN ZOUK NITE at Union Square,

Fri 26 Sep, 9:45p - 11:45p - Dance Practice Social(Featuring Eddie Lim's Pachanga Workshop at 10:20p - 10:45p),

Thu 2 Oct, 9:45 - 11:45p (Weekly event) - Salsa Social at Two Left Feet Studio,

21 - 25 Nov - ZoukRUSH presenting Layssa &Arthur in Singapore!,

Sat 22 Nov, 9:30p - 2p - Two Left Feet 11th Anniversary Party,

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